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SEO is all about placing your website on the digital map, plugging in accurate directions that can be found and followed by search engines and talking the same language as your audience. It involves a multitude of components and each of these components relies on the next to have an impact. It is for this reason that we sell our SEO services in ‘packages’. We use the term packages loosely as each client’s requirements will differ pending the initial guided consultation with your SEO expert.

As with all of our services, we’ll get to know whats most important for you and your business, as it’s critical that we’re both pulling in the same direction to truly harness the power and benefit of SEO. 

On-site optimization: Tweaking of certain elements on your site to improve search engine ranking and online visibility.

Link-building: Help Google bots view your site as a credible and reliable source of information. 

Management of a Google Platform: Depending on your objectives, this might be your Google my Business Listing, your Google Ad account, your Google analytics account, your Google Merchant Centre.

Keyword research: Make sure you’re talking the same language as your audience so that you can get found. 

Blogging services – short form vs long-form copy. Make it easier for your website to rank for certain keywords and show your intended audience that you’re an authority in your field.

get noticed package

stand tall package


Like it or loathe it, social media marketing has become a non-negotiable when it comes to marketing in 2021. With more and more customers turning to social media platforms for research and peer reviews, it is imperative that we get your brand in their line of sight.The benefits of investing in a sound social media campaign are plentiful, and we’re here to help you! So whether your objective is to build brand awareness, improve community management, increase your ad campaign conversion rate, we’re here for you.  

Below we have 2 packages available, which we can customise according to your business objectives.

Why invest in a customised Facebook landing banner ?

It’s the 1st thing a visitor sees when they land on your Facebook page, and we all know how memorable a first impression can be….Use it wisely, build your credibility and reinforce your brand. This service offering is for those that on-board for a minimum of 6 months and is valued at R7950 if it were charged as a once-off cost. 

*What is community management?

We undertake to respond to client queries and comments. For those questions that we’re unable to answer, we have a set of pre-approved, standardised responses to buy you time until you can provide us with a more specific response. During our client on-boarding process, you will appoint someone within your business that will be able to assist us when this happens.

Are ad campaigns included in the cost of the package?

Ad campaigns and boosted posts are not inclusive of the cost. This is totally dependent on your budget but we suggest to our clients that they invest a minimum of R500 into each boost to see ROI.

get social package

get busy PACKAGE

copy writing

A copy writer has a specific purpose – persuasion! The reason for this is to drive the reader toward taking a desired action through subtle techniques and words that move people into taking action. That is why great copywriting underpins all successful digital marketing campaigns. Be it for lead generation, sales, email sign-ups or a click of that share button.

Our services can be offered as a standalone project or as part of a larger ongoing marketing strategy.

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