deckscapes brand guide

The Client: Deckscapes started in 2004 and is a timber design and decking construction company. In addition to building, creating and installing beautiful timber decking in Cape Town, they offer other complimentary construction services, such as wooden pergolas, timber fences, walls & gates.

The Brief: Having been in business for several years, Deckscapes realized that it was time to update their identity to meet the criteria of modern digital marketing standards. Respecting that the long standing brand had already established a recognizable appearance, our design team went into this project with a focus on preserving their key brand elements.

The Result: Deckscapes received an updated brand guide which preserved the essence of what its customers had come to recognize while simultaneously  enhancing the quality and contemporary appeal of the brands digital assets. Our designers produced a clean brand identity comprising of a refreshed logo in 3 alternative orientations, email signatures, website design, branded apparel, modern fonts and high contrast colour pallets, all of which distinguish Deckscapes from their competitors across both traditional and digital forms of marketing.